Buying an Investment Property Through my SEO Company

As my SEO consultancy has expanded, I’ve been looking at ways to begin reducing my taxable income and expand my office space for the business.

NRAS Property

I came across some NRAS properties which were perfect for what I was looking for in the way of having an investment property that could be used as office space for the business. The idea is that we rent this property out to the consulting business – at a relatively high rental rate, which is then paid directly into the trust that we operate.

This actually reduces the overall taxable income of the business, which means we pay less tax on the profits that the business makes.

And the other benefit, is that the rent is getting paid directly into my own account which means we get to get beneath the 30% tax threshold!

How Did It Work?

Well we went through a company called Property Road ( who were able to give us access to their stock of these national rental affordability scheme properties – which allowed us to get a good return on this property investment whilst still maintaining the property as a business premises.

NRAS Property

How Much Did I Save?

Well I think over the period of 10 years, I’ll end up saving around 50k in taxation and other other rental expenses that I would have paid at our old business premises – making this a very worthwhile exercise!

Where to from here?

The best part about this NRAS property is that it is quite large which means I can easily rent out other rooms to other businesses which will help to further increase my revenue, and lower the overall cost of owning this investment property in the longer term.

It’s a very exciting time and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the business grows in this new office space. I’m extremely happy with the end result!


10 Tips for Choosing an Adelaide SEO Company

With the many SEO companies today, it can be challenging to know which one to choose .

Selecting the wrong company is not only a waste of your valuable time and effort but could end up costing you a lot of money if the company you chose fails to deliver and you have to hire another company.

However, hiring the right (and best) Adelaide SEO company can help boost your website performance, increase website ranking, increase traffic to your website, and boost your overall business success.

Top 10 tips for choosing an Adelaide Based SEO company

To help you pick out the best, listed below are some important tips and factors to keep in mind

1. Evaluating your SEO goals

Before heading out to look for the best Adelaide based digital marketing company, evaluate your SEO goals and what you want to achieve by hiring SEO experts.

Do you need to hire professionals to write keyword rich content for you, link building services, lead generation or do you want to increase your websites ranking?

Decide on what you want so you have a clear picture of the type of company and team you want.

2. SEO skills and knowledge

You obviously want to choose a company with a deep understanding of SEO. Some important SEO skills that the right company should possess include.

· Technical SEO skills– Technical SEO is largely the entire website structure. From graphic design, programing to website design

· On-page optimization skills– Include strategies like writing keyword rich content, keyword analysis, copywriting, coding, content marketing and other strategies done on the website to increase traffic

· Off-page optimization skills– Includes link building, press releases, blog marketing, social media marketing and other off page SEO strategies.

3. Experience

Experience matters a lot when choosing an SEO company. The ideal company should have been in business for over four years, with a successful track record.

Depending on your SEO goals, choose a company with extensive experience providing the SEO services you need.

4. Previous jobs

The best way to choose a reputable, reliable and quality conscious company is to look at previous works. When looking for an SEO company, ask to be shown some of their latest works.

Seeing previous works can help you get a deeper understanding about how the company works, their style and type of quality they are capable of delivering.

5. Team

The ideal SEO Adelaide Company should be made of a multidimensional team consisting of content writers, graphic designers, website designers, programmers, social media and online marketers etc.

Before you choose, inquire about the team that will be working with you and their specific duties to help you achieve your SEO goals.

6. Competitive pricing

Though the price should not be the major factor when choosing an SEO company, you should obviously choose a company that you can afford. Do your research and get quotes from different companies.

Compare their quotes versus their promise, previous works, reliability, reputation and choose the company with the most reasonable pricing, based on your budget and type of services you want.

7. Understanding of your SEO needs and goals

To ensure that you choose a company that has the same goals and vision, take note of how genuine they are in finding out and understanding your SEO requirements and goals.

Some companies are all about making money and not helping clients achieve their goals. The ideal company should ask the right questions, be creative and be willing to listen to your ideas to understand your needs.

Some important questions you can expect to be asked by the right company include the kind of marketing strategies you are currently undertaking, your SEO goals and how soon you want to achieve them, your competitors etc.

8. Customer care

When choosing an SEO, take note of how the staff treats you. Are they responsive, polite, friendly and courteous?

The right company should be responsive to your calls, queries and issues either personally, through phone or email.

9. Reputation

Check online testimonials and reviews to choose a reputable SEO company in your area.

People are always writing about their experiences, both good and bad, working with different SEO companies. Take user reviews and testimonials seriously.

10. Continuous training

SEO is ever changing. When choosing a company, ask how they keep up to date with the every changing dynamics of SEO. The right company should offer continuous training to their staff to keep them on top of their game.

Hiring the right SEO Company is not easy. However knowing what to look for and what to avoid can ensure that you choose a company that shares your business vision and needs.

Following the tips mentioned above can help you choose a reputable and quality conscious SEO company.